Sexy Dolls: A Guide for Beginners

Some people get tired of sex. Other people are just really lonely and can’t get sex at all because of their social awkwardness and/or ugliness. Sex toys are usually there to spice up a marriage or a relationship that has grown tiresome or tedious. If your sex life is getting dull, you can also put on sexy lingerie if you must. However, for those who want more, getting sex dolls is the way to go. This type of sex toy is usually reserved for the lonely or broken hearted. It’s a rare day for a couple to let a live size sex doll enter their love life, leading to the most awkward of threesomes (or no sex at all if one of them is freaked out by the doll). These dolls just simulate sex a little bit too humanly for the comfort of someone with a significant other.

The Sex Doll Life

* Your sex doll can serve as your companionship replacement. It could be temporary or it could be until further notice. Most lonely men (and some lonely women) with money but lacking in social graces can get a sex doll to practice having a sexual relationship with what approximates a humanoid boyfriend or girlfriend although it’s at most an inanimate object with all the right holes in the right places (or even protruding dildos or vibrators if not an outright mannequin version of a Sybian).

* Non-doll sex toys can spice up your sex life by adding more playfulness and pleasure to it through stimulation and making it a different sexual experience because it’s not just straight-on coitus. For instance, using a vibrator can make your sex even more climactic because the woman is prepped for orgasm and is stimulated in every way possible, thus making climaxes more possible. Even if she doesn’t orgasm, it’s more the journey than the destination. Sex toys are a means to make your intercourse more intimate.

* Using a vibrator prepares the girl better for intercourse, making her wetter and wilder by the time actual coitus starts. You can also do pegging with a strap-on if you consent to being penetrated. Oral stimulation adds to the vibration of the vibrator or the up and down motion of the dildo. Light whipping and sadomasochism need not be immediately introduced. You should try out various sex toys first. You can also use sex toys solo along with your sex doll for the ultimate in masturbatory pleasure. Just put on your favorite porno and enjoy.


Why Men Would Want to Have a Sex Doll

One way on how people express their love to their partner is by making love. This is the start for them to build their own family once the girl becomes pregnant. Unfortunately, not all people can easily find a partner that they can have an intercourse with. The good thing is that you can already buy a sex doll for you to experience the pleasure of having sex. You can’t even figure out the difference between making love with a real girl to making love with a doll because manufacturers see to it that they can provide realistic dolls.

Reasons Why People Consider Having a Sex Doll
You might be wondering why you can already find lots of websites that offer sex dolls. With the satisfaction that people have acquired from making love with a sex doll, people became interested in trying it too. Listed below are just some of the reasons why men look for a sex doll online that can provide them the pleasure they wanted to experience in bed.
• Having a sex doll provides you the opportunity to have sex as often as you want to. You cannot deny the fact that your partner can always give you the time to have sex especially if she feels too tired after work.
• This can be the best solution for a man who is into a long distance relationship. Instead of seeking the attention from another woman that he can have sex with, it would be better for him to make love with a sex doll.

• For those who think that they are not good in sex, this can be a useful medium for them to improve their performance in bed.
• For men who don’t have a lovelife, making love with a sex doll can be the answer for them to release their sexual desire without getting into a relationship.
• If you and your partner would want to experience threesome, then a sex doll can help you make this dream come into reality. You can even do it every time that you and your wife will make love.

Why Go For A Love Doll?

Okay, is there anything wrong with owning a love doll? A lot of people think that owning a love doll is disgusting and frown worthy and people who own them are often labeled as perverts, freaks of nature, forever alone, pathetic persons who can’t even get a date and such. Really people, really? Why consider it a taboo? Not all love dolls have full body and face anyway. Owning a silicone sex doll actually has its own good and some of them are discussed below.

Advantages Of Owning A Love Doll
First, it lets you enjoy your solo session. Whether you are a single, in a relationship or a sexually active single person, you still find time to enjoy solo sessions. You could go with your hands but vanilla masturbation sessions could get boring and do not get you off sometimes. That is why the love doll is there for you especially when your partner disregards your advances.
Second, it lets you discover positions you’ve never thought of, that is if you own a doll with a full body and a face. With the flexibility of the internal skeletons (which are made of metal by the way) of the sex dolls, it is fairly easy to create and recreate positions you’ve seen on the internet. Plus, you might even discover your favorite position and try it with your partner later on. Added bonus would be that some dolls are customizable.

Third, love dolls let you perform your kinks and fetishes without complaints. Some toys even have vibrating and removable parts as well. A love doll is not a replacement for real human interaction but when you’re not ready for all the intimacy and feeling that go with sex but is feeling horny as hell then it is freaking great to have a love toy. But if you have a partner, make sure he or she is comfortable with a love doll before getting one.
Lastly, they imitate the feel of a real human skin and flesh. You know what that means? It means it can bring you pleasant orgasms. They are also fairly easy to clean.